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Ever since the purchase of a cheap set of belt-drive decks and a mixer on her 19th birthday she really hasn’t looked back. After completing her studies in Engineering , the straight-A student jumped head first into her true passion, music. She won a DJ competition in 2005, which sent her on a tour of the USA and to her first WMC Miami – where she spoke on a panel at the conference and was given a slot to DJ at Ultra Music Festival. This jump off opportunity gave the small town girl an intro of sorts to the workings of the electronic music industry. Shortly after, she moved from her hometown, Champaign, Illinois, to the birthplace of house music, Chicago. In the Windy City she officially started down the bumpy road to trying to make her dreams in music happen some day.

A move to San Francisco in 2007 resulted in a swirl of excitement, becoming a part of the scene amidst the freaks of the bay area. Several years of hustling gigs, slanging drinks, scraping by & hiding inside her bedroom beat cave – all just felt like a drop in the bucket when she was a young Phlip with no where to go but up. It wasn’t long before her determination and natural talent broke through for her opportunities in her new home city. The evolution of her sound continued to push as a result of the freedom she felt in San Francisoc. Phlip’s refusal to give up eventually led her to officially sign on with the dirtybird crew in 2008 and make some real progress. Club and festival tours are now a regular occurrence while her releases and unique ear she puts into her DJ sets have established her as a reputable source of forward thinking dancefloor tracks.

People from Skream and Tiga to techno dons Surgeon and Dave Clarke and a bunch of other influential heads threw their weight behind her first truly analogue workout, ‘Coefficient’. Her tech-heavy banger ‘Say My Name’ made immense damage to clubs all over the world. It peaked the interest of DJ’s such as Eats Everything, Danny Daze and Huxley on the floor, while taking to the airwaves courtesy of B.Traits, Monki and 1 Xtra’s MistaJam .

After several years of rigorous touring and hard work, she has made the rounds and somehow keeps going – despite her mission to push boundaries, take risks, educate crowds, and not give a f!@#$% about being a crowd pleasing headlining DJ, ever. Go hear J.Phlip in action and you can expect to experience a full booty workout and have your mind blown. You’ll be surprised, energized and occasionally weirded out. This is a lady who knows her stuff, yet continues to refine her craft. Her aim is dance floor lobotomy, all the while taking the greatest pleasure in seeing the people get loose (or just lose their heads).

A DJ not afraid to put her vision out there, Jess is to thank for passing Eats Everything’s mighty “Entrance Song” to Voitek (Catz n Dogz) at Pets Recordings. The story goes – that Dan (Eats Everything) went out one night in his home town of Bristol and passed a CD of his unreleased tunes to Jess while she was DJing in the side room of a club there. Barclay (aka Claude) heard her drop Eat’s tracks at one of the legendary Dirtybird Golden Gate Park BBQ parties. He was blown away and ended up signing Eats Everything’s first EP to the label. As for the Pet’s EP, well Voitek was her roomate in Berlin at the time. She feels overjoyed have been able to connect those dots, leading to both of Eats Everything’s breakthrough records, as Dan is one of the best humans she has ever met.

She did end up spending 4 years living in Berlin, after taking a leap of faith moving across the pond in an attempt to tour some in Europe, and gain an understanding of the inspiring Europe scene. She was only supposed to be there for 5 months, but ya know, there’s some kind of time warp in Berlin that does that to people. She’s now embarked on several tours of Europe and the US, attracting an ever-growing fanbase with each electrifying performance. A stronger following continued to build for her in North America, Which ended up bringing her back home. People say dance music is bigger than ever in America. Jess can’t tell the difference. It has always been alive for her, and she will continue to be the underdog, against the “crusade of formula dance” trends, even if in the end she might lose.

But don’t take our words for it. And don’t try to put her in any boxes.

Phlip prefers you just come and hit the dancefloor with an open mind and open ears. Trust nothing else. Your ears will tell you everything you need to know about her.

That’s what’s up.

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